CAPITAL CITY VOICES is an adult-level jazz choir and workshop based in the Washington, DC area. What could be better than combining the wonderful quality of the human voice with the hip sound of jazz and karaoke machine? Add to this a high-quality educational component and a world class Musical Director, and you have The Captial City Voices!

Many people first heard the vocal jazz sound in groups likes Manhattan Transfer. Others may know New York Voices or Take 6. Our take on it is uniquely our own, while staying in the tradition of great jazz and great arranging. If you like watching “The Voice” or “American Idol”, why not put down the remote and come and live it and sing it for yourself!

Capital City Voices welcomes gifted amateur and semi pro singers to lend their voices to the jazz choir. Professional direction will help create a sensational group sound. Musical arrangements reflecting classic American and Brazilian jazz styles will keep things interesting! Each session you will learn something new about music, jazz, and your own voice.

We accept most levels of singers, from beginners and “shower singers” to advanced vocalists, semi-pros and music teachers. Everyone will be comfortable and have the best possible musical experience. The choir meets for two hours each rehearsal, working on both vocal repertoire and general jazz concepts. Periodic public performances offer an opportunity for a wider audience to enjoy this great sound.